I came here for the first time to receive the infamous eyebrow threading – they raised the price from $5 to $6, but still cheap, nonetheless. I had the pleasure of having Sonia, and she was extremely sweet and asks you beforehand what shape/thick/thinness you want your eyebrows to look like – she is gentle (even though the whole process hurts like a female dog anyways) – it is recommended to get your eyebrows done every 2 weeks. If you’re a first-timer to get your eyebrows done, it is suggested to start off with waxing (since they take off the brows at once); however, I opted for the threading since it is done by hand with the string and seems more clean cut. Lotion is applied afterwards, and the redness does go away after a good handful of minutes (I also have terribly sensitive skin, so this was quite a surprise!). Clean salon, no fuss, and efficient, I highly recommend this place!

– Hannah Y.

I happened to be driving down Dempster and saw Bollywood Salon. I decided I’d stop in and try the whole threading thing. Wow! Let me tell you, my eyebrows look great! Plus, the whole process only took a few minutes (which was no easy feat due to my hairy Jewish genes). I’m really particular about my eyebrows (I usually prefer to get them done by an esthetician) and I consider myself quite the hair removal connoisseur, so I was very impressed to find this little gem. The space is cute and neat. I will DEFINITELY be going back!

– Jill W., Chicago, IL

Bollywood salon is wonderful! They offer many kinds of services. I went and got my eyebrows down and they did a great job they also do a good job with haircuts.

Lala L., Skokie, IL

Nice, clean place, friendly people, and very reasonable. I had full body waxed, facial, and eyebrows done for my wedding they did an excellent job! I highly recommend this salon

– Janny Lopez, Skokie, IL

I’ve been going to Bollywood Salon for over a year and a half now and I’ve been pleased with the service. Yes, there were times that I had to wait , but it’s so worth it.

– Lian T, Skokie, IL

I usually go to this Assyrian lady to thread my eyebrows. She did them for cheap. I decided to stop into Bollywood and compare the two. Hands down Bollywood won. I saw a difference immediately. The price is double what I usually pay. But the outcome is incredible. Thanks.

– Eleanor